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We all know what it means to be stressed. Being calm and relaxed is the opposite of being constricted, uptight or stressed out.

Calm is the perfect word to represent this unstressed state; and “calmful” means being proactive about managing the stress levels in your life. There can be calmful eating, calmful parenting, a calmful workplace, calmful relationships, and the list goes on. You could say that “calmfulness” is being mindful about personal stress management. It’s being aware of your own “inner dashboard” and soothing negative emotions before they gain momentum.

Relaxation is the natural companion to action. It’s evident in the out-breath following the in-breath and the relaxation of the heart after it beats. In the body, you can see this in the cellular action of calcium, which brings the cell to action, and magnesium, which returns the cell to its resting state. Balance is key in all of these.

Our bodies were designed to stress and then relax. In a sense, our continual focusing on stressful areas of life, either personally or through events around us, interrupts the natural cycle and brings about some degree of chronic fight-or-flight emotion, which puts our bodies into heightened defense mode. This both uses up energy and creates physical discomfort. We have to learn to shift our focus from stressful things to things that make us happy. We need more ease and less dis-ease.

So, with Calmful Living we hope to offer you some tools that will help you live more calmfully. We really don’t need to physically, mentally and emotionally block our own natural vitality!

Calmful Living evolved from Organic Connections (you can visit the OC archive here), Natural Vitality’s print and e-magazine that launched in 2007. With times continually changing, Organic Connections needed to change its focus to deliver to readers the best and most essential content that will positively impact lives.

Calmful Living, like Organic Connections before it, is a labor of love from Natural Vitality, makers of Natural Calm.

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