Chipotle’s Scarecrow Takes on Industrial Food

Chipotle is on a mission—a mission to pull back the veil of the industrial food system. Their stunning Scarecrow video is part of this effort. Joining it is an iPhone/iPad game.

The Scarecrow needs your help to foil the evil plans of Crow Foods and break the crows‘
monopoly on food production and supply in the city of Plenty.

Through the storytelling device of a company called Crow Foods, Inc., minded and policed by robotic crows, Chipotle’s Scarecrow becomes disillusioned with his job of shoring up the facade surrounding Crow Foods and opts for a simpler life. And it’s all backed by a beautiful song by Fiona Apple.



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  • Andrea Lewis says:

    It’s such a beautiful, thoughtful and well-made video. Chipotle have come up with a truly unique way to promote their brand. Good for them!

  • says:

    As a Natural Health Professional & Health Coach, I applaud them for making strides and being far ahead of the pack, but it would be truly beautiful if Chipotle didn’t use any GMO ingredients at all in their foods…

  • Eileen says:

    Thanks for the article. Just a note, the “beautiful song by Fiona Apple” is from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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