Join in the First-Ever GMO Mini Summit

Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) has joined with Veteran food and sustainability activist, John Robbins, his son, Ocean and The Food Revolution Network (FRN) to bring you the first ever GMO Mini-Summit!

The summit includes top experts, researchers and activists to share what they’ve uncovered about this pivotal topic during a 3-day deeply informative and inspirational online summit, and it’s happening October 25th-27th. Oh, and it’s free, too!

Joining Jeffrey, John and Ocean is an impressive list of speakers (many of whom we have covered in Calmful Living):

Thierry Vrain, PhD

Rachel Parent

Claire Robinson, MPhil

Don Huber, Ph.D

Sara Gottfried, M.D.

Michael Antoniou, Ph.D

Anthony Samsel

Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Rick Palmquist, DVM

Jack Heinemann, Ph.D

Miguel Altieri, Ph.D

Arran Stephens

Learn about studies that reveal the health effects of GMOs and Roundup on animals, humans and the environment; what doctors and scientist are really saying about GMOs in relation to allergies, autism, and leaky gut; how to help your family eat healthier and avoid GMOs; ways to get involved and become active in furthering the GMO labeling and tipping point efforts.

The summit will be free to listen but also will be offered for purchase so you can tune in at leisure and share the information with other.  They will also be offering additional interviews, webinars, downloadable books, films, etc.

Click here for full information, and to register for free.

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