5 Beauty Secrets of Rock Stars

This is not about brushing your teeth, taking a quick shower or shaving your legs. A true beauty ritual refers to those times when you shut out the rest of the world and not just maintain your body, but care for it; love it. Remember the last time you gave yourself a facial? Afterwards you had glowing skin and a sense of accomplishment, right? That’s because when you take time to care for your body, the benefits are more than skin deep—your sense of self-worth actually improves, says Gabrielle Francis, ND, who specializes in helping rock and roll performers stay healthy and is the author of The Rockstar Remedy. “When women regularly honor themselves by taking time to care for their bodies, they have a higher self-esteem and feel more grounded,” she says.

If it sounds like a win-win, that’s because it is. “When you treat yourself like a queen, you feel like a queen,” Francis notes. So now you’re thinking, great, but who has time? Luckily, the rituals we’re suggesting don’t require a spa, much money or—ta-dah!—much time. And, the benefits you’ll gain by incorporating beauty rituals into your routine will give you greater vitality to enjoy your life more, Francis says. Sounds like a habit worth having!

Here are a few of Francis’s favorite beauty rituals that she practices herself and recommends to her rockstar clientele who need quick and easy—just like you.

Steam or Sauna

Many gyms these days offer saunas and steam rooms; if you don’t have access to one, get the hot water going in your shower, close the door and get it as steamy as you can take it. Relax for 20 minutes or so.

Benefits: These treatments cause you to sweat, which increases circulation and removes toxins in fat cells, skin and blood.

Note: If you have high or low blood pressure or other medical conditions, consult your doctor before using steam or sauna.

Skin Brushing

While the traditional Ayurvedic beauty technique calls for dry brushing before you shower, Francis says wet also works. Lightly stroke skin toward the direction of the heart, using a loofah or netlike sponge. Use a light touch—you’re increasing lymphatic flow, not exfoliating dead skin cells.

Benefits: Promotes detoxification and circulation of the lymph, and boosts the immune system.

Body Scrubs and Exfoliations

Use fibrous materials (like a loofah) or natural salt- or sugar-based blends to exfoliate on the entire body.

Benefits: Removes dead cells on the skin’s surface to allow regeneration of underlying layers. This will improve your skin’s youthfulness and elasticity for a younger- and healthier-looking you.


Once a week treat your skin to a facial mask. Before applying the mask, open the pores using steam or a warm washcloth. Apply your mask of choice and allow it to rest on the skin for 20 minutes or so.

Benefits: Unclogs skin and helps remove dead cells so new, healthy skin can shine.

Calmful Bath

Soak for 20 minutes in magnesium-infused warm water and relax. Enjoy this at least once a week.

Benefits: Magnesium baths (Francis likes Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm Bath) help you relax and calm the mind while removing toxins, such as lactic acid, from soft tissues.

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