5 Minutes on the Mat with a Yoga Star

We could talk about Kathryn Budig’s many claims to fame—her book, DVDs, classes, magazine cover shots (nude ads), and so on. But it’s her infectious appetite for yoga that’s so special. Her lovable personality makes her a great teacher for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

You can practice with Kathryn around the globe or save yourself the plane ticket by practicing with her weekly online at Yogaglo.

We recently caught up with the globetrotting yogi and found out what’s in her fridge and how to deal with that sneaky ego that can derail our best efforts when learning something new.

Natural Vitality Living: How often do you practice yoga?

Kathryn Budig: I practice yoga every day but do poses as much as I can. I’ll try to at least slip in sun salutations every day and get in a full practice about four times a week. Back in the golden days before I taught all the time, I practiced Ashtanga (a style of yoga) for two hours every day. Life is much busier now, and I keep it as balanced as possible.

NVL: How often do you recommend that one practice yoga to reap the benefits?

KB: Three days a week is a good start, and it can be practiced safely every day. Once a week doesn’t do much, but that being said, don’t shame yourself if that’s all you have time for! Just remember that your practices don’t have to be long. Even a ten-minute practice is better than nothing.

NVL: Yoga intimidates many people; they fear the images they see of advanced poses. What advice, in beginning a yoga practice, do you offer these people?

KB: Remember that you don’t know the story or history of the person in that intimidating photo and that the person in the image was once a beginner as well. We don’t get to see the blooper reel—we just see the awesome images. Remember we’re all lovely yet flawed, and not to compare yourself to others. Start your practice and do what feels good; advanced poses will come when and if the time is right.

NVL: What are three of your favorite poses?

KB: I love legs-up-the-wall; it’s my favorite restorative posture. Handstand makes me feel playful, and deep-lunges-preparing-for-backbends always hits the spot.

NVL: You are a foodie. What’s always in your refrigerator?

KB: Lemons, nutritional yeast, Lucini extra virgin olive oil, Maldon salt, quinoa, fresh herbs, kale, spinach, and an assortment of fruits and veggies for smoothies and juice.

NVL: What role does the ego play in yoga?

KB: Ego can be fabulous or destructive. It’s good to be inspired and work hard, but be careful that ego doesn’t lead your choices in yoga because that’s often how we end up injured. If the pose isn’t happening today, let it go. There are 5,000 other postures to choose from! Your success doesn’t lie in one single posture or genre of postures. Let go of the story, enjoy your practice, and live balanced.

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