5 New Takes on the Humble Hard-Boiled Egg

Had Sam-I-am known what a wonder food eggs are, he might not have been so reluctant to try them, even if they were tinged green. (Why green? Only Seuss knew!) Not only do they pack 7 grams of protein per medium-large egg, they boast ample minerals, such as selenium (important for immune and thyroid health), plus energy-sustaining B vitamins and vision-supporting vitamin A. They also contain choline, a precursor to the memory-enhancing neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

When shopping for eggs, don’t be bamboozled by carton jargon. Some labels are more meaningful than others, such as organic (which requires strict adherence to rules, such as 100 percent organic feed and no antibiotics) and certified humane or animal-welfare approved (both stringent independent certifications). Unless you know the farmer personally, cage-free, free range and pasture raised aren’t backed by regulation, so you may be paying more for mere words.

Get cracking with these five creative ways to enjoy hard-boiled eggs.

1.  Spicy. Cut in half and sprinkle with exotic spice blends, such as Japanese spice mixes gomasio (sesame salt) or shichimi togarashi (chili pepper and citrus blend), Indian garam masala curry powder, or Egyptian dukkah (a nut-based mix with pepper, fennel and mint). You’ll find many of these at natural products stores.

2.  Sliced. Slice onto toasted whole-grain bread, smeared first with red-pepper or olive-studded hummus. Add fresh greens or roasted veggies for a hearty vegetarian lunch.

3.  Drizzled. Cut or slice eggs, place on top of fresh greens, and drizzle with homemade herb- or spice-infused oil. Garlic-, rosemary-, or basil-infused oils are easy to find.

4.  Mashed. Finely chop fresh herbs, such as chives and tarragon, and mash eggs with a fork or mini food processor. Serve on crackers or toast. To make the mash a bit creamy, add a little extra-virgin olive oil or fresh avocado before mashing.

5.  Over the top. Serve warm over roasted or lightly pan-seared spring vegetables, such as asparagus or snap peas. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds or grated Parmesan for flavor.

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