5 No-Stress Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

What if instead of fighting restaurant crowds or worrying about finding the perfect gift, you spent this Valentine’s Day focused on finding calm and renewal. There wouldn’t be tons of planning or high expectations to fulfill. The evening would be fun or relaxing and you would go to bed that night feeling loved and calm. Sound good? Check out these ideas that offer a calmful twist to this holiday.

Comedy Club
Couples: Belly laughs relieve tension and clear the air for renewed romance.
Singles: Get together with friends to laugh out loud for an uplifting night out.

Couples: Request a shared room at your local spa for an intimate take on this relaxing favorite.
Singles: Treat yourself to pampering and self-love.

Couples: Book a private couples yoga class and enjoy the intimate and fun side of this traditional practice.
Singles: Find your inner calm during a yoga class; spoil yourself with a private lesson if possible.

Ice or Roller Skating
Couples: Grab your mittens and hit the local rink. Hold hands and skate the night away.
Singles: Skating with friends can be such fun you’ll wonder why you don’t do it more often.

Make Dinner Together
Couples: Agree on a gourmet meal to cook up together and share.
Singles: Gather a group of friends and have a dinner-making party.

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