5 Really Easy Tips for an Eco Friendly Vacation

Vacation is about letting go of worry, right? But if you’re eco-conscious it can be tough not to worry about the impact your enjoyment is having on the planet. These easy tips won’t affect your fun but will make your trip greener, and in some cases more fun.

  • Pack a few lightweight eating utensils for picnics or local market-bought foods that might require them. You limit your plastic but also promote quick and easy, inexpensive dining alfresco.
  • If buying souvenirs, opt for locally made items. Not only does this support local economies and cut down on shipping emissions, but they will be more interesting and authentic.
  • Consider relying on public transportation instead of a car rental if possible. Buses, trains and subways allow you to live like a local, cost less and can be more relaxing (there’s nothing like a long train ride to kick back and enjoy the view).
  • While planning your trip, opt for hotels that have green initiatives in place. Most of the travel sites now have green hotel search options.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle with a built-in filter. Opt for a lightweight version that you can pop into a backpack.

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