5 Ways to Make It to Spring

Here are some fun ways for the whole family to survive the last days of winter:

Go Seed Shopping

Nothing conjures warm weather more than the thought of gardening. You may not be able to put your hands in the dirt yet, but getting your seeds ready is the next best thing. Here are three sources for organic, non-GMO seeds:

Johnny’s Selected Seeds (Click here for a company profile)

Seeds Now

Botanical Interests

Make Tropical Drinks

Here’s a recipe for a fun summer drink that you can enjoy with the kids. Pour into a fancy glass, turn up the heat and enjoy!

Add some spirit to it with organic vodka or gin.

Vacation from Home

Armchair travel can sometimes be as good as a vacation—minus the delayed flights and lost luggage. The Best American Travel Writing (Mariner Books, 2013) takes readers to Paris, Cuba and Peru and many more exotic locales.

Get Scentual

The power of a single whiff of certain scents can be enough to bring back memories of beach vacations, summertime and warmer days. Treat yourself to some coconut-scented lotion or coconut and vanilla essential oils and take a trip to the beach by way of the bathtub.

Ready the Birdfeeders

A change of season brings new birds. Enjoy spotting newcomers heading home for the spring and summer by hanging a birdfeeder. Talk to an expert at the pet store about the birds in your area and what type of seed attracts them.

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