7 Totally Yummy, Totally Healthy Kids’ Summer Snacks

School’s out and suddenly the kids are around 24/7—and it seems like they’re constantly asking for a snack. Here are seven super-healthy kid-pleasing summertime snack ideas. None contain refined sugar or processed ingredients, and many are ideal to pack up for a day out and about.

Bananas Gone Nuts: This one’s a sure crowd pleaser on a sunny day. Slice a banana and spread a thin layer of a nut or seed butter of your choice over it, then roll in ground nuts and freeze for an hour.

Popcorn: Affordable, easy, nutritious and always a kid pleaser; try packing it in individual bags for a snack in the car. For a healthier popcorn, check out our recipe with coconut oil.

Hard-Boiled Eggs: These may seem obvious, but they are often forgotten and are a super protein boost for kids on the go. Think your children won’t eat them? Bring some along on an outing and hand them out when hunger strikes—you’ll be surprised.

Custom Trail Mix: Have your kids participate in choosing a few nut, seed and dried-fruit varieties at the market. Then let them mix these together in a big bowl. Keep in an air-tight container and divvy out for snacks.

Rice Cake Creations: Give the bread a break and try some of these fun rice-cake topping ideas.

We guarantee kids will like the pizza topping!

Smoothies: One of the best ways to get protein and the vitamins and minerals of fresh fruits into children is via smoothies. Have fun creating tropical blends or berry-centered drinks. You can pour any smoothie into a Popsicle mold for smoothie pops too!

Sugar Snap Peas: You can pick up these sweet, crunchy peas in big bags at the grocery store and at many farmers’ markets. Simply rinse them and you’re good to go. They may seem on the pricey side, but compare the same volume in a healthy packaged snack and you’re getting a deal.

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