8 Reasons to Love Lemons

When you look at the health benefits of this bright citrus, you’ll learn that one or two lemons deserve a place on your weekly shopping list. A squeeze of lemon juice or some fresh grated zest livens up everything from a glass of water to steamed greens. Bonus: Kids usually love lemon, making a splash of it ideal for a nutrient boost to their meal or beverage.

  • Lemons are acidic in taste but actually have an alkalizing effect on the body, thus helping restore the body’s proper pH ratio.
  • Very high in vitamin C, lemons boost immunity and support your body’s antioxidant activity for healthy skin.
  • Lemon juice stimulates liver function and aids digestion. Try a glass of hot lemon water on an empty stomach each day to avoid bloating and promote digestion.
  • The super-healthy antioxidants in green tea are absorbed up to three times more readily when lemon juice is present, according to one study.
  • Lemons contain citric acid, which can stave off development of kidney stones and ease nausea by reducing stomach acidity.
  • An enzyme found in the lemon peel has been shown to kill a cancer-causing enzyme.
  • Lemon has aromatherapeutic benefits—the scent released by simply slicing into a lemon can be uplifting.
  • Lemon contains bioflavonoids that help maintain blood vessel integrity, which is important in preventing varicose veins and bloodshot eyes.

To avoid pesticide residue, opt for organic lemons when possible, especially if you’re planning on using the fruit’s peel. If a recipe calls for lemon “zest,” grate only the outer yellow of the peel, steering clear of the bitter white pith. Choose lemons with a thin peel for a larger, juicier fruit inside.


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  • The Vegan Duke says:

    Love the post =D, I love lemons and its uses :), check out my recipes http://theveganduke.wordpress.com/ tell me what you think 😀

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