9 Easy Ways to Prepare Kale

It’s got protein, iron, magnesium, more vitamin C than any other leafy green, and the list goes on. Yes, it’s kale we’re talking about. Some people are fortunate enough to love this super green and can enjoy a salad made of its dark leaves. But many others need to sneak it into food or start slowly before they can eat it raw. Here are some suggestions for both the kale lover and the wannabe kale lover.

1.  Excellent in eggs. Add ribbons or small pieces of kale to scrambled eggs.

2.  Add it to your smoothie. Adding hearty greens to a fruit smoothie cuts down the sugar and gives you more sustained energy. Start small if you want; even half a kale leaf is better than none!

3.  Put it in pasta. Thin kale ribbons are a great way to add the health benefits of kale greens to just about any pasta dish. You can sauté the ribbons in olive oil or water first if you want them soft.

4.  Stick it in salad. Try adding small pieces of kale leaves to a green salad for variety in texture and flavor. You can often find baby kale at markets now, which is tender enough to be the sole green in a salad. Pair it with a robust dressing like Caesar.

5.  Juice it. If you juice, try adding some kale leaves to your next concoction. They go well in both green and fruit juices. Start small; a little goes a long way.

6.  Bake it into quiche. Sauté small pieces of kale or skinny ribbons and use it in quiche as you would spinach.

7.  Use it in pesto. Simply replace basil with kale in a pesto recipe and you’ve got a great new and easy pasta dish.

8.  Make it with mashers. Add tiny pieces of sautéed kale to mashed potatoes. Top with some cheese and bake for a hearty winter dish.

9.  Love it in lasagna. Use kale the same way you would spinach in lasagna. Make sure to cook it first to soften it, and remove excess water.

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