A Surprising Health Benefit of Going Barefoot

Perhaps you’ve never heard of “earthing,” but if you’ve strolled barefoot along a beach or kicked off your socks and shoes and played in the grass, you’ve practiced it. And according to a growing number of scientific studies, the health benefits of walking barefoot include boosting immunity and glucose regulation, moderating heart rate, reducing blood clumping and lowering stress.

Here’s how it works. During the day, the foods we eat, the substances we encounter, and even the ways we move create free radicals in our bodies—unpaired electrons that can cause inflammation. Antioxidants are great at neutralizing these molecules, but earthing may be even better.

The earth is negatively charged, much more so than our bodies. So, when you walk barefoot you absorb electrons through the soles of your feet, which then bond to free radicals and neutralize them.

Even a few minutes of walking shoeless over sand, soil or grass can make a difference. So kick off your shoes a bit more and enjoy earthing.

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