Ease Kids’ Back-to-School Anxiety with Visualization

It happens one hot summer day. You round the corner at the grocery store and there they are: endless rows of back-to-school supplies. Suddenly your stress level kicks up a notch. But parents aren’t the only ones whose anxiety levels rise as the last days of summer tick by. As adults, we think of the flow of one school year to the next as being fairly seamless; yet for kids, each year is an entirely unique experience. So even moving down the hall or up the stairs to your next classroom can be overwhelming.

A great way to help ease first-day-of-school jitters is with a few minutes of visualization. Simply talk your kids through what will happen from the time they wake up through the first ten minutes of class. It helps them see the arc of the morning and imagine themselves entering into the day. Also, familiarize them with walking or bus routes, or make sure they know the adults who will be involved in transportation to and from school.

A few calm minutes of preparation can make all the difference and will help get your kids excited to see friends, meet new teachers, and jump into a new year of learning.

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