Get Your Autumn Beauty On

Fall weather offers beautiful days, and it’s always fun to put on those sweaters for the first time. The changing weather also signals a time to change up your beauty routine. Colder temperatures, drier air, and temperature fluctuations mean hair, skin, and nails need some extra TLC. Here’s how to minimize seasonal impact, starting now.

Moisturize from the inside out

Keep your skin’s protective layers healthy by increasing intake of omega-3s in cold-water fish, ground flaxseed, and chia seed. Omega-3 fatty acids help maintain healthy cell membranes, including in the skin. Wholesome, organic plant-based fats found in other foods, like walnuts and pumpkin seeds, help too.

Layer up

Look for lotions, body butters, or straight body oils that contain ample amounts of soothing, protective shea or cocoa butters, or coconut, argan, rosehip, hempseed, tamanu, or jojoba oils. These oils are well absorbed into our outer skin layers but also are long wearing. Other oils tend to disperse too quickly or sit on the top layer of your skin. Avoid products that contain alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, parabens, and artificial fragrances, which can be either drying and/or highly irritating to the skin.

Skip the shampoo sometimes

In summer, scalp oils tend to build up more quickly and so you may need to shampoo daily. In fall, when oil glands aren’t so productive, give your locks a break by allowing natural oils to stay in your hair a bit longer. Shampooing every other day should be plenty. Likewise, switch to a facial cleanser that doesn’t completely strip your skin of its natural oils, such as a creamy, oil-based cleanser (yes, oil can clean oil).

Water, baby

Don’t forget to drink water. As outdoor temperatures drop, it’s easy to go a long time between water breaks. Fill a large water bottle in the morning to help gauge how much you are actually drinking. And don’t forget that soups, stews, and tisanes (fruit or herbal teas) help your body replenish too.

Tootsie TLC

Keep feet moisturized by applying generous amounts of foot cream or thick lotion to your feet before bed—then cover with socks for the night. Consider keeping a jar of cream by your bed so that it becomes a habit.

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