Home Composting Just Got a Lot Easier

What if composting got a lot easier and a lot less gross—would you do it? We think this cool new product will get many more people composting, which is a good thing, considering that about one-third of most home waste stream is food items.

Here’s how it works. The CompoKeeper looks like a small peddle trash can, into which is placed a compostable bag. You then simply open it with the foot pedal and toss food scraps inside. A second pedal seals the bag tightly shut to prevent odors and keep out flies. When the bag is full, open with the foot peddle, grab the bag using a nifty removable bag nest that prevents leakage, put it in the outdoor compost bin, and you’re done.

Gone are the smelly food scraps, no more cumbersome two-handed scraping process, and adios fruit flies.

It makes sense that it took someone who had been composting for years to figure this system out. Van Hess was that someone, along with his daughter, Kristen. “My dad has always loved to cook; it helped him wind down after a long day at work. He was doing all of the food scrap recycling in the kitchen, but it started to feel like a real chore, which is when the light bulb went on. We worked together to come up with a realistic and clean solution to in-home composting—something that helped not only our own kitchen functionality, but also others who are looking for a simple way to make a positive impact on the environment,” she says.

The Hesses hope that, in addition to backyard composting, the CompoKeeper will promote more composting in increasingly widespread city composting plans where compost is picked up curbside like recycling. “The average household generates 650 pounds of compostable materials each year,” Hess points out, “so every effort makes a difference.”

The CompoKeeper was designed to make in-home composting clean, easy and practical for all homes—large or small. “We are super-inspired by the environmental benefits of composting; so our goal is to provide a useful tool for those who are already composting but aren’t satisfied with the ease and cleanliness, as well as those who may not have had the right tool or push to begin composting. We’ve also made the shape and design fun with bright colors, so it can be stored out in the open or tucked under the sink,” Hess says.

The CompoKeeper will be available for purchase in June. To sign up for e-mail notifications and to see a video of it in action, visit CompoKeeper.com.

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