I-522: Take Two on Grassroots GMO Labeling

In November 2013 voters in Washington will be casting ballots on that state’s GMO Labeling Initiative, I-522. The action is already ramping up, with endorsements and donations by major companies like Nature’s Path, Mercola and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps.

Also in the fray are the usual opposition suspects: Monsanto, Grocery Manufacturers Association, DuPont, Bayer CropScience and Dow AgroSciences. According to Food Safety News, with funding from these players, the No-on-522 group has already spent $110,000 in retainer fees to hire campaign operatives from Santa Monica–based Winner & Mandabach Campaigns, a hired-gun campaign consultancy.

As we know now, Proposition 37 failed by a very narrow margin. This narrow loss created a lesson in the power of grassroots movement–building, marketplace pressure and not giving up. The popular support that rallied around Prop 37 inspired groups in more than 30 other states to work together toward statewide GMO labeling laws. Most recently, Connecticut and Maine passed the country’s first GMO labeling laws.

It’s now time to help push I-522 to a pass in Washington. Visit the campaign website, www.yeson522.com, and find out what you can do in terms of help and donations.

We have another opportunity to force the recognition of our right to know what is in our foods, just like the other 64 countries that already have the ability to take this for granted.

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