Organic Spirits for a Clean Summer Sip

Yes, some of us at Natural Vitality Living enjoy a summer drink from time to time. And just as with our coffee, tea and other beverages, we like our nips as organic as possible. Although we don’t often think about it, hard alcohols like vodka and rum take a lot of crops’such as wheat, potatoes and rye’to produce (one shot of vodka can require more than 20 square feet of the crop); so it only makes sense that how those crops are grown is important for the health of farmworkers, the planet and your mojito. One company we feel that does a thorough job from seed to bar is Greenbar Collective. The Los Angeles-based company believes that making small changes is the first step to big change. We agree.

The husband-and-wife-owned company uses only certified organic ingredients, lightweight bottles to reduce shipping emissions, and 100 percent post-consumer-waste recycled labels. For each bottle sold, they plant a tree in Central America. In addition to the spirit staples, they offer a line of organic bitters and aperitifs. The company has even done studies and found that a single organic cocktail made with its TRU organic vodka or gin will more than negate an American’s average carbon footprint for a day. (Two ounces of TRU vodka or gin help remove 62 kg of CO2, while an American on average produces 55 kg of CO2 per day, leaving a balance of negative 7 kg.)

We’ll drink to that.


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  • DeDe says:

    “Lightweight bottles”……..are you saying ‘plastic bottles’???

    If so, what type of plastic is it?

    Love the idea of organic spirits…..not so keen on plastic bottles.

    Thank you for the information. I can contact the company.

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