Popping Up a Healthier Snack for You and the Planet

Who doesn’t delight in the salty, greasy-handed pleasure of popcorn? And unless it’s an epic Kurosawa Seven Samurai evening—it would take a bathtub full of popcorn to get through that one—a piping hot bag or two will undoubtedly improve your next Netflix film night.

Not all popcorn is created equal. Quinn Popcorn is out to elevate the popular snack by eliminating GMOs, artificial ingredients, trans fats and unsavory packaging chemicals from its popcorn, replacing them with organic popcorn kernels, wholesome flavorings—such as maple sugar, sea salt, Parmesan cheese, smoked cheddar or rosemary—and good fats like sunflower, coconut and olive oils.

Quinn Popcorn was started in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Kristy and Coulter Lewis after the birth of (wait, you guessed it…) Quinn. “I started Quinn Popcorn because I loved microwave popcorn when growing up but couldn’t stomach it once I started reading about what was actually in it,” says Kristy. “Aside from containing a host of artificial ingredients, conventional microwave popcorn comes with a chemically coated bag treated with PFOA, a known carcinogen and immunotoxin.”

So Quinn created a microwavable popcorn, free of artificial ingredients, and launched with a revolutionary liner-free “Pure Pop” microwavable bag in 2012. “Our biggest challenge by far was creating our Pure Pop bag. We worked hard to find a way to get rid of the chemical coatings, the plastic liners and the metallic pouch that you find in traditional bags. We discovered that a special type of mechanical pressing could make the paper greaseproof, and our Pure Pop bag was made possible.” The liner-free bags are even compostable. In May of 2014, Quinn debuted a line of 4.3-ounce ready-to-eat bags in flavors like Kale & Sea Salt and Cheddar & Chipotle.

Quinn Popcorn is also part of a small but growing number of packaged-food companies making it possible for eaters to trace each bag’s ingredients to specific farms and farmers (visit www.quinnpopcorn.com/farmtobag/ to trace yours). For example, olive oil for their California Olive Oil flavor comes from the California Olive Ranch, a water-wise olive grower and cold-pressed EVOO producer based near Oroville, California.

Four years into the business, Quinn is available in nearly every state in the US and shows no signs of slowing down. Find Quinn Popcorn at natural retailers across the US or purchase online at quinnpopcorn.com.

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