Quick Scentual Stress Relief

Whether it’s simply taking a quick whiff of a calming essential oil before drifting off to sleep or mixing a few drops into your favorite body oil, aromatherapy can be a powerful complement to your other self-care practices. Here we offer tips on combining popular essential oils from Candice Covington, certified aromatherapist at the Chopra Center.

You can either put drops of each essential oil into a diffuser, or use a carrier oil (such as sesame, coconut or jojoba) and dab a little on your wrists, neck or behind your ears.

To help you . . . drop deeper into meditation
Mix equal parts frankincense and lavender.

“Everyone knows the deeply calming effects of lavender,” says Covington. “Add to that the introspection and emotional stability that frankincense promotes, and it’s wonderful for devotional practices.”

To help you . . . feel more grounded
Mix 4 parts lemon to 1 part vetiver.

“Lemon is stimulating and directional, helping with awareness and concentration, whereas vetiver promotes stability,” says Covington.

To help you . . . feel more nurturing
Mix 5 parts clary sage to 1 part neroli.

“Clary sage is deeply calming and relaxing, in addition to helping offset hormonal imbalances,” says Covington, “and neroli is all about deep understanding and finding more compassion.”

To help you . . . find more calm
Mix 6 parts frankincense, 3 parts mandarin, 1 part ylang ylang.

“Frankincense brings a sense of emotional stability and protection, mandarin promotes tranquility and reduces anxiety and grief, and ylang ylang counteracts negative states that threaten your calm,” says Covington.

To help you . . . sleep more soundly
Mix 3 parts lavender, 2 parts marjoram, 1 part Roman chamomile.

“On a physical level, all of these essential oils address insomnia,” says Covington. “And the more subtle aspects of these scents are amazing.” Lavender promotes more calm and less worry; marjoram quiets the mind and promotes a sense of deep relaxation; and Roman chamomile quiets an overactive mind.

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