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There’s an app for just about everything these days, including saving money on the things you buy. Whether you’re looking to save on clothes, groceries or gas, there’s an app for that! Here are some of the best apps for saving on your everyday needs—and occasional indulgences.

This app offers up deep discounts—more than 50 percent—on clothes, electronics, jewelry and more by connecting you directly with sellers from China. The products are unbranded but made to look like popular brands you know. Reviews on the quality of Wish items vary, but there’s no denying there are deals to be found. Since Wish products ship from China, they take longer to get than what’s typical of online shopping.

Flipp takes paper grocery circulars and coupons into the modern age. The app serves up digital circulars from over 800 retailers so you can find the best deals in your local area every week. It lets you browse through the circulars and find coupons with savings of 20–70 percent. You can also build shopping lists in advance and search directly for the items you need.

With GasBuddy, you can search for the best gas prices near you. Use it when you’re traveling unfamiliar roads or cruising close to home to compare prices. GasBuddy also helps you save with its card, which you can apply for and activate from the app. When you swipe your GasBuddy card at the pump, you save a minimum of $.05 a gallon every time you fill up.

Ibotta lets you earn cash-back rewards with a few simple steps. You choose products from Ibotta’s weekly offers, perform a related task (post on Facebook, watch a short video, take a survey, etc.), buy the product at a participating store (there are many), then submit a photo of your receipt. It may sound complicated, but Ibotta’s clean design and step-by-step instructions make it easy to start saving.

If all those savings tempted you to acquire more than you need, there are also apps that help you save money by making it easy to sell your stuff—no Craigslist required. Two of the most popular are OfferUp and letgo, mobile marketplaces for buying and selling things in your local area.

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