Smoothies Just Got a Bit (OK, a Lot) Easier

By Radha Marcum
Senior Editor

Do you love homemade smoothies but have a hard time keeping your fridge stocked with just the right combo of fruits and vegetables? Do you like smoothies fresh, with distinguishable flavors, not overly sweet, and without too many ingredients?

Me, too. For instance, I love homemade banana-kale-coconut-ginger smoothies. Yet I hate having to compost a bunch of kale when I forget it’s in the crisper drawer. Maybe I don’t want or need a kale smoothie every day, but I really dislike wasting food—and money.

My ears perked up when I heard about Fruitera. The company freezes and ships fresh smoothie cubes made from organic fruits and vegetables and a few delicious spices. Shipped straight to your door in a freezer pack, the cubes won’t go bad when you go to Moab for the weekend.

Cofounder Jordan Rothenberg says that the idea was born when cofounder Glenn McElfresh found it difficult to get enough fresh fruits and veggies in his diet as a competitive athlete. “He was getting lots of protein and carb macros, but fruits and veggies were missing. Smoothies were a natural choice.” However, the smoothie options out there were less than satisfying, and making his own from scratch led to inconsistent results and frustration: “He was struggling with consistency . . . and he would constantly run out of blueberries or bananas and felt that something was missing.”

Fruitera’s aim is to make wholesome, convenient meals in a snap: Just break the cubes into the blender; add water, juice or milk; and blend. That’s it.

To start, I tried the Mango Lassi, which comes in nine brightly colored cubes containing mango, yogurt, honey, lemon, and cardamom. The cubes fit easily into my small blender (which I use exclusively for smoothies), and I added about a ½ cup of water, blended it up, and took a sip. Not too sweet! And it had a super-yummy, not-too-strong cardamom taste to accent the mango-yogurt base. The second batch was a hit with my kids too, although they wanted it sweeter (not a surprise).

People like to know exactly what they’re getting, explains Rothenberg. “That’s why transparency is a big part of how we produce and package the smoothie cubes. What you see is what you get. Each cube is a different flavor element, a whole ingredient. The yellow cube is pineapple, the blue cube is blueberry.” Although it takes more effort on the production side to make the cubes separately, says Rothenberg, adults and kids love that aspect of Fruitera. “It is more work, but that’s the neat part of being a young company: We have the enthusiasm and ability to do the work.”

Fruitera offers a $39 trial box for 6 smoothies / 3 flavors, which include Mango Lassi, Kale Kicker, and Chia Charger right now. Regular subscriptions ship monthly for $64 for 15 smoothies / 5 of each flavor. Shipping is included in the cost.

To learn more, visit their website at

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