Sugar Scrub: The Secret to Radiant Winter Skin

Winter can do a number on our skin. Constant heated air literally sucks moisture out of our hides. Because our limbs are tucked away in clothing, it’s easy to put away razors and other exfoliating tools. Winter can mean dead skin buildup.

It’s time for a moisturizing body scrub.

We like sugar scrubs more than salt, which can burn and get into your eyes (and it’s a much healthier option than putting this sweetener in your body). Additionally, sugar contains alpha hydroxy acid, a glycolic acid that helps remove dead skin cells.

Sure, it’s fun to toss a pricey body scrub into your basket from time to time, but they are so easy (and fun) to make. Give it a try!

Basic Sugar Scrub

Mix 2 parts organic sugar to 1 part oil or honey. Oils can be extra virgin olive, apricot kernel, coconut (melted), or any other food-grade vegetable oil. For an aromatherapy benefit, add a few drops of essential oil. Simply mix and store in your cupboard. Try adding sugar to your facial cleanser for an exfoliating boost.

You can also experiment with the sugar. Turbinado sugar has a warm brown color and larger crystals, so it’s not ideal for sensitive skin. Organic table sugar has a finer crystal and brown sugar even smaller. We suggest organic sugar because it’s better for you and the planet.

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  • Heather Quiring says:

    this sounds great! I’ll definitely try it!

  • Mare says:

    SO true! I make sugar scrub all the time it leaves the skin SO soft, hydrated. I add jasmine essential oil and use grape seed oil in the scrub! Its Always ready to use! Try it, your skin will love you back!

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