Upcycle Your NATURAL CALM Bottles!

Here’s a fun family craft project to upcycle your empty Natural Calm bottle by turning it into a functional vase.

What You Need

Did you know that Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm bottle was designed specifically for the powdered magnesium product and no other company has this bottle?
  • One empty Natural Calm bottle
  • Craft glue, such as Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush
  • Yarn, the color you want your vase


  1. Peel sticker off Natural Calm bottle.
  2. Wash the bottle in warm soapy water and dry completely.
  3. Brush a smooth layer of craft glue about 1 inch wide along the top of the bottle.
  4. Hold the beginning of the yarn against the glue at the very top and wrap it tightly around the bottle.
  5. Do this again and again, winding your way down the bottle and reapplying glue an inch at a time (so it doesn’t dry out on you!).
  6. Once you get to the very bottom, cut the string off and add a bit of extra glue to the tip, holding it down against the bottle with your finger until it sticks on its own.
  7. We suggest spraying the bottle with a clear-coat spray to help water-protect the string, especially if the craft glue is water soluble.
  8. Once the clear coat is dry, add any further decorations: bows, jewels, shells, etc.
  9. Fill with water and freshly cut flowers to finish it off!

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