Vegetarians: Here’s Help Answering the “Protein Question”

By Ashley Koff, RD, Calmful Living Nutrition Editor

I am a vegetarian and constantly field the “protein question”: How do you get enough protein? I answer with examples of protein I get from nuts, beans, cheese, etc., but I am not always sure I am getting enough protein. How much protein does a 37-year-old woman need? (I weigh 143 pounds.) Thanks!

—Kris Rivera

Great question, Kris. There’s nothing like an overinterested friend or family member to throw us off our own personal health game, right? First I want to validate you for your own efforts to make choices that work for you!

The truth is there is no correct answer. There are plenty of science-based recommendations, such as .8 g protein/kg body weight or making adjustments based on life stage and nutritional needs. But that also assumes all bodies and proteins are created equal, and they are not.

So here’s my simplified answer: Your body needs a serving of quality protein at each eating occasion “pit stop” during your day. What’s a serving? What’s considered quality? What’s a pit stop? How many should I have? Well, that’s all answered here—all that you need to know about nutrition on one page. If you want to see whether you are meeting your personal needs, I suggest reading “How to Use the Plan” here.

Continue enjoying a conscious diet that works for you!

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