Watch the Installation of a Rooftop Garden—on a City Bus….

An artistic and environmental project, driven by Marc Grañen, renowned landscape artist, aims to increase green areas in cities, reduce CO2 and promote the growth of wildlife and  pollinators.

Marc designed a garden with a large variety of plants: grasses, perennials and herbs, such as thyme or rosemary. And installed it on the roof of a city bus in Spain.

Using special foams as a soil base, the project is able to save weight by 70% compared to traditional systems and store 30 times its weight in water. Development is under way to harness water from air conditioners to feed the irrigation system and so it will be completely self-sufficient.

Initially installed on a single bus, the system future could be a solution to increase green spaces in large cities. Think mobile CO2 scrubbers.

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  • pancheetah says:

    I’ve seen the filth that city buses drive thru – exhaust, factory smoke and it would not be a place from which I’d want to purchase or even pick vegetables, And I don’t drive in rush hour traffic for the same reason. Sorry, clearly not my thing.

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