Rachel Parent: The 14-Year-Old GMO Labeling Activist

In August 2013, Rachel Parent, a 14-year-old anti-GMO-foods activist, was interviewed by CBC News commentator, Kevin O’Leary. In the interview, O’Leary expressed concern that Rachel had become a shill or lobbyist for environmentalists. The video, below, went viral on social media, with many viewers regarding O’Leary as having embarrassed himself.

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  • Lisa says:

    Nice~! And Rachel Parent is exactly right! It’s sad how the USA was formed by a group leaving a fascist govt behind to create a better govt. and now we are right back where we started.. Rachel should have gone into the facts of individual scientists who have tested GMOs and their results and also about glyphospate and patenting issues. This is not about saving the world through food. Patenting is about money. PERIOD

  • Justin says:

    Wow. What an amazingly smart and brave girl!!! Props!

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