The Calm Earth Project

Since 2007, Natural Vitality has worked closely with organizations that are handling the important task of caring for our planet and bettering the lives of its people. Over the years, our contributions have made a tangible difference. We’ve helped Conservation International protect 5,000 acres of rain forest, Organics 4 Orphans bring life-saving water filters to nearly 100 African villages, and American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program move toward its goal of planting 100 million trees worldwide by the year 2020.

We’ve also focused our efforts on two goals close to our hearts: remineralizing depleted soil and growing bionutrient-rich crops. Remineralized soils can provide two to four times the yield of current unhealthy soils, greatly increase the health of plant biomass, and are fundamental in solving global warming. What’s more, crops grown in such soil are naturally pest and disease resistant and loaded with nutrients.

While our products are aimed at addressing nutritional deficiencies and the health issues associated with them, our highest hope is to restore the lost mineral content of our soil, and therefore the nutrient value of our food supply. When it comes to sustainability, we look beyond the products we make to the ways we can help support the overall natural system that is the world in which we all live.


Helping farmers grow food that is naturally pest resistant and super high in nutritional value.

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Working to ensure a healthy, productive planet for everyone.

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Revitalizing our soils to enhance crop, plant and forest growth and address global warming.

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Protecting and restoring forests.

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Empowering the poorest communities through organic gardening as well as nutritional and natural medicine education.

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